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Idrol servers [TS3, Custom mods]



If you want a server where you want your creativity to flow without paywalls or required playtime for certain stuff this is the server for you.
We have 3-4 friendly and mature players att the moment and are seeking more player to join so if you feel intrested just sign up on
and post your applications on the forums, if you have any problem feel fre to post a thread in the general discusion forum and we will answer withing 10 hours.

Hours when you are most likely to get accepted within and hour.

  • 10:00-23:00 Give or take 3 hours

About custom mods

  • If you get accepted we will provide you with a link to the mods and a easy tutorial video on how to install it, this usualy only takes 5 minutes.

Added mods:

  • Ars Magica 2
  • Electricraft
  • Galacticraft
  • More Planets
  • Open computer
  • Reactor craft
  • Rotary craft


  • No griefing/stealing will result in perma ban.
  • No spamming will result in kick/ban if spam continues.
  • No swearing or offending language will result in kick.
  • No item duping if you find any. will result in 3 day ban.
  • Boxing in other players in claim areas is forbiden and will result in 3 day ban.


  • Nothing banned (Subject to change)
  • Free power provided by players
    This can run out but we will try to keep it in working order.
  • Travel the solar system with galacticraft and more planets.
  • Build a fusion reactor with reactor craft
  • Do you like computers and coding we got you covered with open computers.


  • apply at
  • Reply to the thread with the folowing information
    • Username:
    • Are you mature?:
    • Banned?:
    • Why do you wanna play on our server?
  • Applications will be reviewed before atleas 10 hours.
  • Usualy alot quicker.

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