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pin_drop (private server)

Joining is simple, all you need to do is join the teamspeak at Once you join all you need to do is go to the Need Whitelisted Channel. Once you do that I will see if I'm online and I will contact you! Simple. MAKE SURE TO READ THE REST OF THIS POST, IT CONTAINS VITAL INFORMATION FOR YOU.

This server is a private white-listed server and is not as simple as just paying to join. We must talk to you first and get to know you before you can join our server. The staff will be recording game play, and streaming whenever they are online. You do not have to record but we will include you if you do! We are simply a small community looking for fun people to hang out with and build an epic world on FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode, we will be playing on hard as well as we will constantly be adding mods, recipes, and items to the game and mode. Want to be able to craft something, add something, or do something? well just ask me! I'll listen to anyone who joins, and not just shove them aside. We can make new recipes for end game items or even add more end game items. My goal is to try and merge the titan mode from Project Ozone 2 with this mod. But working on it slowly but we want this to be a long lasting pack, with endless fun and a tiny bit of difficulty! So, at least apply!

These requirements might change depending on how many players there is as we want to keep the server performing good with no lag. This is a pay to play server, this is simply because we don't want players joining and leaving constantly, it brings the community closer if we know everyone!

  1. 14 or older
  2. Have a mic
  3. SERVER IS p2p (Prices Below)

The current prices will change, and we might be lenient in some cases, so don't be shy to apply! ALL THE DONATIONS are 100% for the server price, not for the game, not for the modpack, not for ANYTHING except for helping us upgrade and keep the server online. SO that being said, the first month fee is 50$ (this is currently 1/3rd the server price) and then it will be 10$ a month starting your second month.

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