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HonorMC - Modded Minecraft Network


Our Modded Servers (We will be adding more soon!)

FTB Infinity - IP:

Server Features

  • 0-Lag - Our map is all pre-generated and expanding!
  • Custom Plugins
  • Friendly & Helpful Staff
  • Voting System & Rewards
  • Few Banned Items
  • Starting Items
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Custom "Mod" Towns (coming soon)
    Learn all about a specific mod in one of our soon to be many mod towns!
    These will be created by the community, for the community!

Server Hardware
Due to the nature of how intense mod pack servers are, we dont go for anything but the best for all of our network! Our Mc servers use the specs below.

  • E3-1275v5 (3.6Ghz Quad Core)
  • 32 GB ECC DDR4 RAM Fastest Memory on the market!
  • SSD: 240 GB
  • 1TB SATA II Backup Storage
  • 1Gbps Uplink

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