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Ilium FTB server


Server website, here you can find more detailed information.
Facebook page,

A "vanilla" FTB infinity server with few players right now (That´s why we´re here!), right now we have one extra mod installe don the .server called "Morph", wich you have to download yourself( ) and put into the mods folder, you can open the mod folder in the launcher by pressing Edit mod and then on Open Mod Folder, just drag it in! :)

Now to what the server is about;

We are a small community, not alot of people at the moment. PvP is enabled but only allowed if the other person agrees to PvP, we´re all friendly and like to talk. We welcome almost all age groups, I am just 16 years old while the oldest one on the server is almost 50, we dont want any too childish kids that think blowing up people and stealing their items are funny...

The server is NOT whitelisted, but if you join, and start griefing and we will catch you, we will not hesitate to ban you! The backup rate is increased for now, incase someone decides to start griefing..

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