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Kismet Servers: Find a Happy Place!

Our Beloved Chicken

Our Beloved Chicken

Your shop is waiting for you!

Your shop is waiting for you!

Shops area

Shops area


Infinity Evolved - Normal


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Who are we?

We are a community oriented server striving to provide a happy place for players who are looking for an enjoyable experience away from griefing and conflict. Kismet is an opportunity to feed your modded minecraft addiction. In addition many of our players use Kismet to distract themselves from the harsh truths of real life and instead create their idealized self in an idealized community.


  • Consistant updates.
  • Timed ranks with their own extra perks.
  • Discord server with active admins
  • Only items banned that cause real issues
  • Very active Staff.
  • Ingame Currency, player and admin shops
  • Daily Voting rewards

So what are you waiting for jump in and join the fun!

This server has a lovely community that treat you like you are part of a massive family, and whenever you need help they do all they can to help you!

I have been a part of the family for a while now and I have to say I am very glad I found this server as I could not have asked for a better family :)
Posted 24th Mar 2018