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Server Rules

[1] Do not destroyed Claimed Base
[2]Do not scam other players with the PlayersShop
[3]Do not use any glitch or item to get into a claimed base
[4] Respect Events Rules when the Animator/Admin are telling you the rules
[5] You cannot Claim the Portal in the Nether or spawn kill players in the nether.

Whats you are actually allow to during PVP/RAID/STEAL

[1] You can Kill who ever you wand in a PVP Zone
[2] You can steal stuff from other base if you manage to get inside by a legit way " door opened ect "
[3] You can Raid a base and wait for people to get outside then kill them ect
[4] You can Destroys Unclaimed Base
[5]You can kill on sight

Note: if you find a way to get into a claimed base with an Item/Glitch/Bug
Or destroy Claimed base with an item/Glitch/bug
please report it to an admin so we will be able to fix it

If you are exploiting or abusing an item in order to Raid/Steal/Destroys Claimed Base , you will be banned for 24hrs to perms

If you tell us any bugs/glitch , you will receive a compensation

Pros :

Active Admin
Events and Mission
Website :
1000 slot
no lags
Location Chicago
Player Shop

One of the best FTB server ive play on it , there is a lot of event which make the game really fun
Posted 8th Jul 2016