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UnlimitedCraft Infinity

UnlimitedCraft Infinity & Infinity Skyblock


To Connect:

Infinity Skyblock v1.1.0
For Infinity Skyblock Connect to

Infinity: v2.5.0
For normal Connect to
For Expert Connect to

+2 Coders to fix dupes or glitches.
+Custom Item restriction plugin to keep banned items to the minimum
+Items that can be used for greifing are Only Banned in the overworld
+Our infinity servers Share a Global Chat
+3 Game paths with 5 ranks that progress as you play each with their own kits and commands
+No mods removed.
+No Mods behind a Paywall (except Dimension Creating)
+All Non Creative items are avail without paying IE quarrys
+We allow Chunkloaders and we have a custom plugin for donation based offline chunkloading
+Economy and player Shops
+Now with Lottery
+We also have Excellent up time due to a proprietary plugin that removes crashing blocks on startup
+Auto-restart if server crash
+DDoS protection

Strong stable server, minimal issues and often quick to fix problems
Posted 18th Aug 2016