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Harry's Infinity Evolved (Normal)

pin_drop (private server)

Ever wanted to go onto a server where there isn't all this thinking you have to do about protecting your items? Well then my server is perfect for you. My server has no banned items, uses the "Claimed Chunks" tab from FTBUtilites, which stops griefing. But that is second resort, my server is whitelisted so I only pick the best people to come onto the server. If I hear any form of grieifing then bu-bye! I do not have any banned items on my server, because it wouldn't be called a FTB Infinity server, unless every mod from FTB Infinity is in there. The server is up 24/7 and is run by a high quality server hosting platform known as MC Prohosting. The Admin is very friendly and is on every day. It's a great community and a great amount of fun. It would be silly of you not to come onto my amazing server! Please PM a message including your IGN and why I should choose you. Also include one mod in this pack that you are an expert at. Please come onto my server you will not regret it.

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