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Ore Kingdom's Infinity Evolved Server


We have added an FTB Infinity Evolved server to our network!

We have no world border so you can explore without limits on our 24/7 dedicated server box! We use modified Towny to keep your items and builds safe from whatever or whoever attempts to bring it down. We have active staff with room for more!

Some key features include:

  • Dedicated Box
  • Active Staff
  • Item Auctioning
  • An Original spawn made by the owner
  • Server Shop
  • Public TeamSpeak channel with rank integration

Key Plugins:

  • Essentials
  • GroupManager
  • Modified Towny
  • RandomTP
  • FloAuction
There's absolutely no lag on any of this provider's servers, there's always staff on pretty much. There's a huge lack of vulgar language, which is nice, even though most of the people seem to be 17+. There's never more than 20 people on, so chat isn't spammed constantly. I notice that it says the server hasn't been online in 2 months, that's false information, trust me XD. I'm online every day. Overall, it's a great server.
Posted 26th Aug 2016