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Fortitude network



This is where players will spawn.


Where players can go to buy items.

Fortitude is new server that is starting up and we are looking for player who would like to play on our server it is a faction server so you can raid other players we also have a player shop where you can buy and sell items we have a few staff members who are willing to help you if you have any problems or find any glitches. We are planning to open the server in the next few days. We are also planning to add donation kits soon for anyone who would like to donate to the server. This will include access to the donator shop that we are planning to build. We have portals to take users to the end and the nether and the twilight forest that is free to use for anyone who needs to use it. We are actively working on the server to make it better for the players. We have custom plugins on the server to make the server better all the users. The server is under construction but is ready for players.

There are few banned items at the moment we have banned the whole of mystcraft so that it wont create to much lag for the server and we have also banned the Convocation of the damned and we are thinking making a world where the village will be placed so that it wont ruin the main world and this means players will be able to make the tier 6 blood magic alter this means that players can finish blood magic. We have also banned filing cabinets so that players can not dupe items. We have also banned chunk loaders so that they are causing to much lag from what we have been testing with them to see if there is a way to see if there is a way to unban them.

If anyone has any ideas of things we could do to Improve the server. Please feel free to leave any idea's you can message me on the website or you can use our discord if you need any help please feel free to contact us on the discord or though the discord or though the discord.

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