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DirtHuts Infinity 2.3.5 [whitelist] [15+]


DirtHuts is a smallish and friendly modded Minecraft community. We use whitelisting to provide our players a more mature enviroment to build the huts made of dirt and cobblestone.

Trying to offer you everything to make your stay with us pleasant - unlike almost every other server we honestly don't hinder your gameplay by restricting sethomes, items, chunkloading and itemkits to donators only: Playing with us isn't free, but it's free for you ;) - if you decide to support running the servers by donating, it's much appreciated but we don't push you to do it.

Dynmap will help you to find a nice spot or just to spy on others, TeamSpeak3 and irc-channel will help you to meet other DirtHutters even when not in-game, forums are there to keep you posted about what's going on (and feel free to drop a line in the introductions, we do like to know with whom we're playing).

Staff is currently 30+ (yes we're old farts we know..) so you will be treated fairly, servers are updated regularly, backups made and downloaded off-site and so forth.

We have two (2) nicely performing dedicated servers that we have spread our servers to:

Infinity Evolved 2.3.3
Beyond Reality 2.3.8
Resonant Rise (<- will be replaced with 3.3-something with added galacticraft)
TechNodeFirmacraft 2.13.3

So if you would even possibly want to give us a try, please follow the dirtpath at and apply (we'll try to process your application quickly and wearing our finest silkgloves) - or stumble to our irc-channel at #dirthuts on esper irc (servers are hooked up via irc to the channel).

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