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NomadsElite| Zero Lag | No Banned Items |


The Introduction

Have you been traveling miles to find a decent server with no banned items and ZERO lag? Or maybe you just found it with out effort. Either way if you join here you all get the same experience , so why miss out?

The Modpack!

FTB Infinity is the new main stream modpack straight from the FTB team and by god have they made a good , with over 100 mods! It has a balance of all aspects, you like magic, decorating, build machines? FTB Infinity has you covered!

The Server!

At NomadsElite we pride ourselves in providing Zero Lag and having No banned items. We also like to make the server open to people of all ages , although we expect you to be mature! We really like seeing new people join as we know we can provide the best experience they have ever seen!
For that reason I cant wait to see you there!

The Rules!

No Griefing - We have a strict no Griefing policy. There is no excuse for taking people hard earned items even if they forget to claim it.

PVP - PVP is allowed but no items are allowed to be taken , we have it enabled to mess with friends not to steal from friends.

Hacking - There is no tolerance for any sort of hacking it will be a permanent ban!

How to Apply!
Head over to our website and go to our fourms section , you'll find a section to apply and just use the template provided there!

Cant Wait to see you there!

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