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Machina Realms FTB Infinity Hub Server


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Hello! Machina Realms FTB Infinity Hub is a new server, freshly opened, and developed by myself, and NeedleDoctor, currently we offer a hub server which entitles a Normal mode FTB server and an Expert mode FTB server, so now is the time for you to join so you can really leave your mark and get ahead of the competition!

Since its the opening month, we are giving away a FREE rank to any player that comes on the server! So get online now and make sure you collect your free rank and money!

The server is a LAG FREE, No PvP Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server

We strive to make your experience better everyday with new updates, bug fixes, and better content!

Some of the features are here!

Crates (Win all the amazing prizes you have been wanting!)
Player chest shops (Sell your hard earned items for some cold hard cash!)
Auction House (Sell the items you have to other players and make cash!)
Keep Inventory ON (Don't worry about loosing your gear, just have fun!)
GUI Shop (All of your basic needs can be found here, anywhere!)
100 Slots (Play with all your friends)
Vote Rewards
Parties (Group up with your friends and adventure together)
No Lag (Play with your friends in peace!)
TS3 Music Bot (Listen to some music while you play!)

If this looks like the server for you, join today and have an amazing day!

Da__Ali here to talk about the server. Personally, after returning to the summer from the entire summer of being into Team Fortress 2, I realized that the two people that left me didn't return - so, with me unable to play solo, I asked if I could join anyone else - heck, and I got an immediate reply! That's what I absolutely love - a friendly community and a working menu shop that's accessible via commands. You don't have to /spawn and move to the shop. Just type /shop and bam! Even if the /shop is mostly vanilla stuff, it's very useful. And with the implementation of crates and keys via voting/donating is a good idea! It gives your players a reward for sticking on the server and not abandoning it! The staff may not be as online as I see (due to timezones), but, hey, I'm ready to play and continue being glued to the screen to play on this awesome server. Keep up the amazing work, guys.
Posted 19th Sep 2016
Awesome server for any age to play. Responsive staff and good uptime! Would highly recommend to other players.
Posted 17th Aug 2016