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Maddyncraft FTB Infinity Evolved SKYBLOCK!


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Maddyncraft is a server born from the desire to play with responsible mature players. It is a 24/7 Server. We dont tolerate bad behavior, racism or sexism. We don't ban items people use to cheat, we ban people who cheat. Any questions?


Version: 1.1.1

Expert Mode!

Personal Islands

Keep Inventory is on so you don't loose your stuff!

Join us on TeamSpeak! IP:

Vote for us and get $5 in game currency and 1 Voting Key for Random stuff! (P.S. You could also get 20 Voting Keys if your lucky!)

No griefing allowed. PVP Disabled. Friendly Community.

Our staff work incredibly hard to pull this community together, If you ever have any questions or concerns make sure to contact them, and they will try their best to give you the answers. We do accept donations, but they are not required to enjoy our server to its fullest.


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