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Midnight Madness

pin_drop MidnightMadness.PlayAt.CH


  1. Dedicated
  2. Teamspeak 3


  1. No Griefing Or Raiding.
  2. No Hacking.
  3. No Advertising Other Servers.
  4. Respect And Listen To Admins
  5. Don't Ask for Items.
  6. Please Keep Chat Friendly.
  7. No Swearing In Public Chat. Keep It To Private Messages
  8. No Spamming The Chat.
  9. Do Not Abuse Or Overuse Caps In Chat.
  10. No Racism, Sexism Or Discrimination.
  11. Do Not PVP Without Consent of Other Player
  12. Don't Deface The Land (Floating Trees, 1x1 Poles etc.)
  13. Build Away From Spawn.
  14. Don't Build Beside Another Player Without Permission.
  15. Please Only Use English In Public Chat
  16. Be Nice. This Is A Friendly Server.
  17. Have Fun!

Join teamspeak 3 with and look for Ownall15 and or Whitesilver2hk5 and ask about the MC server.

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