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Shadownode Infinity Evolved

Shadownode Infinity Evolved! (V2.5.0)


Shadownode (formerly ArtusCraft) has been operating now for five years, and have expertly customised our servers for the best possible experience for the community! With every server release we ensure there is as few banned items as possible, for instance this time around it's pretty much just descriptive books and dimension builders.

Wand foci, ComputerCraft turtles and mining lasers are enabled along with a host of other things for you guys to explore!

We also do our best to keep the server uptime as close to 100% and have staff members from different time zones around the world to help keep it that way!

We always listen to our players for suggestions on how to improve the server experience for our community so come over and join us!

Our website is here:

PS - The text in the banner where it says no banned items is a generalisation for all our servers, FTB infinity Evolved has minimal as explained above

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