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Carbonated Gaming Infinity Evolved Skyblock


We are glad to announce the release of our FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock server!

Check out our:
TS3 Server:
FTB Infinity Skyblock Server:

At Carbonated Gaming we know what we are doing, as we are hosted on a dedicated 24/7 high quality server.

We have a unique ontime ranking system with perks and a low banned item list, meaning we only remove what we have to!

The Rules Of Carbonated Gaming:

Do Not Argue With Staff
Find A Glitch Tell An Admin
You May Only Raid Unprotected Land!
No Bypassing Anti-PVP
No Making Swastikas, Burning Crosses Or Certain Parts Of The Male Anatomy
Anything Of That Sort Falls Under World-Grief
Keep Swearing Low You Can Swear But I Don't Want To See It Constantly
Rank Restricted Items Are Not Used Before Unlocking Their Respective Rank
Quarries Must Have A System That Will Be Able To Handle Their Output

Hope to see you here:

-CG Staff​

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