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Golden Sands

Golden Sands


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Best server. Few banned items. Great and friendly staff and players :)
Posted 30th Jan 2018
Review of Golden Sands Infinity Minecraft Server

From the first day, I joined I was welcomed by friendly staff with words of encouragement and wisdom, wisdom being 'read the rules' and encouragement being a friendly chit-chat about the basic procedures and systems in place, such as time rank's, etc. I have now logged over 100+ hrs which is typically when I make my commitment to stay or search for a new server, and I can say that I'm here to stay.

Banned Items
In almost every public server you are going to see banned items, which IMO is really necessary as it prevents people from logging on, playing for 2 days, creating a cow farm, crafting a chunkloader and afk for 3weeks, lagging the heck out of the server, or anything else for that matter. Also for the items that do not necessarily cause lag but provide a grief ability, aka flying with draco armor, spawning a staff of power, destroying half the map. It encourages players that spend the time playing will get access to these items, which I must say in its self-are NOT many.

Timed Ranks
these are really fun milestones and a sense of accomplishment when achieved. Starting at just 1hr, to 12, 24, 72, 1week, 2weeks, and 28days, it is easy to tell who has been around awhile and is likely to lend a helping hand.

the server is constantly evolving, with players advancing in their perspective mod stages to just fancy know it alls., regardless how you look at it, there is always information flying around, and players generally tend to provide some sort of general support per mods, then you also have players that don't mind taking a few minutes out of their day to actually walk you through something and explain how it works.

so far, I have been 1 with the times, no latency other then 5second when the server is backing up, which is every few hrs or so. and then the daily restarts, which occur every 6hrs. Friendly reminders are provided to give you a heads up, followed by a server backup. I live in California and as such have had no real block fps and game lag. So thumbs up for the network.

Thanks, Lt. Stickers
Posted 29th Oct 2017
Server doesnt work.. It doesnt have mods or not the right ones atleast
Posted 31st Jul 2017