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CyberKnightsGaming | FTB Infinity Evolved 2.5.0



Who are we?

CyberKnightsGaming is a dedicated group of guys who are very passionate about minecraft. We have been
in the business of running professional minecraft servers for 4 years now. We have built up the expertise
and resources needed to sustain a successful minecraft server.

IP Addresses: - FTB Infinity Evolved - Normal Mode

What do we provide?

CyberKnightsGaming provides an enticing gaming experience for minecraft. We specialize in modded minecraft
where your imagination is literally the limit. We do not go out of our way and waste your time by trying to restrict
how you play the game, instead we foster what you love and try to build on it to give you the sastisfaction
and 100% fun guareentee.

We currently operate one FTB Infinity Evolved modpack, with other packs already in the pipe and almost ready to
ship out. Our mod packs try to provide work around's to know items that cause issues, instead of outright getting
rid of them. We have done vigorous testing to ensure that our modpack is stable and can stand up under load.

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