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Patreon Miners Infinity

Patreon Miners Infinity 2.4.2


How to get on whitelist and what to expect:

  • Go on over to our whitelist tab and fill out the application! --> Whitelist <--
  • Or you can donate 10$ and skip the whitelist application! This not only helps with the server bill, But helps to weed out the trolls and assholes. Ensuring that you are able to have a fun and mature time.​
  • VERY FEW restrictions!
  • VERY FEW banned items!​
  • World size is forced at 10k Squared​
  • IP:


  • Be respectful
  • Don't spam chat
  • English in chat please
  • Other then that, have fun!
  • Use the FTB Untils to protect your land, This cuts out a TON of Plugins!


  • 4x Xeon E-5
  • 32 GB DDR4
  • SSD 1TB x2
  • Hosted in Eastern US


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